Transformative Dialogue: Managing Conflict Through Empowerment and Empathy

“Conflict” is a natural phenomenon in social interaction. Although some people associate conflict with fights, war, and destruction, conflict itself is neither good nor bad. Rather, the way we respond to conflict determines how conflict will be experienced. This workshop is designed to teach participants transformational conflict management skills that may be used in the context of service coordination, as well as in other work, family, and social situations.

Who Should Attend: All

Learning Objectives

1. Assess the nature of a particular conflict situation

2. Identify skills and strategies for managing the conflict more effectively

3. Employ skills designed to promote empathetic understanding, trust, choice, autonomy and collaborative problem-solving relationships

About the Presenter

Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD is Professor of Social Work at FAU. Dr. Barsky teaches conflict resolution, professional ethics, and conscious use of self. His book authorships include Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions (Oxford University Press), Clinicians in Court (Guilford Press), and Ethics and Values in Social Work (Oxford University Press). He is Past Chair of the National Association of Social Work National Ethics Committee and currently chairs a national task force to review and update the NASW Code of Ethics to take the use of electronic technology into account. In 2015, Dr. Barsky won the NASW “Excellence in Ethics Award” and in 2007 Dr. Barsky won the FAU Creative Scholar Award. For further information on Dr. Barsky’s publications, please see

This webinar meets the following HUD Service Coordinator Training Requirements Area(s):

Required Area: Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

Optional: Counseling, Role of the Service Coordinator

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