Supporting Behavioral Change through Motivational Interviewing

This workshop will consider clients in the context of their daily lives and discuss engagement and behavioral change strategies informed by motivational interviewing techniques. Content will include an overview of the techniques, as well as several easy exercises designed to provide hands-on practice.

Who Should Attend: Service Coordinators (all)

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will become acquainted with motivational interviewing basics.

2. Participants will understand the role of client engagement in successful outcomes.

3. Participants will practice several specific engagement techniques

About the Presenter

Walter Rosenberg is the Director of Social Work and Community Health at Rush University Medical Center. In this role he oversees social work care management, health promotion, disease prevention, and mental health operations, and leads financial and strategic planning. In addition, Walter is the Head of Operations of the Bridge Model National Office (BMNO), where he directs its model development and quality improvement efforts, and is the lead trainer for its Bridge Model of transitional care. He is the president of the Chicago District of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care and serves on the advisory board of the Dominican University Graduate School of Social Work. He is a 2017 Hartford Practice Change Leader. He received his MSW and BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and MHSM from Rush University.
This webinar meets the following HUD Service Coordinator Training Requirements Area(s):

Statutory: Supportive Services for the Aging/Elderly; Strategies for Dealing with Cognitive Impairments
Optional: Counseling and Motivation

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