Rowdy, Raucous or Just Plain Rude: Abusive Client Behavior & Difficult Situations

Today is the day. Your least favorite client is coming for their weekly meeting. Your stomach starts to hurt, your breathing becomes more rapid, and you feel suddenly tense throughout your entire body. You secretly groan and take a defensive stance, anticipating the next blow up.  Join this webinar to explore healthy perspectives that will empower you to create new experiences and entertain new strategies when working with difficult clients. Come away from this webinar with additional skills to provide healing touches to those who need it most; the Rowdy, Raucous or Just Plain Rude clients who are in need of someone caring.

Who Should Attend: All

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to de-escalate intense interactions
  • Gain an understanding into your own reactions and self-care needs
  • Learn how to provide excellent customer service with challenging clients

This webinar meets the following HUD Service Coordinator Training Requirements Area(s):

Core: Communication

Statutory Area: Strategies for Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

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