Emotional Pinata: How to Beat The Difficult Personalities Before They Beat You!

In this interactive presentation, attendees will learn how to examine what to do if you are confronted with a difficult personality. Attendees will gain knowledge on how to assess a difficult personality/situation and create practical solutions to diffuse difficult situations. The workshop will also review how you can take care of yourself through self-care.

Who Should Attend: Service Coordinators (older/disabled adults and families), child protective workers, social workers, property management staff

Learning Objectives

1. Learn to assess a difficult personality or situation

2. Understand how to create practical solutions to diffuse difficult situations

3. Learn how to take care of yourself as a service provider

About the Presenters

Amber Aden   attended Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work and a Minor in Psychology.  Amber has worked in the Social Services field for the past ten years holding the positions of Case Manager with families, Mental Health Professional/Team Leader in a mental health setting and as a Service Coordinator at Carbondale Towers since 2015.

Joanna Simpson-Abel graduated from the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Deaf Studies, ASL interpreting… as well as graduate studies in Rehab Counseling. She has been employed for nineteen years in social services, working with various populations. Joanna is currently in her fourth year of working as a Service Coordinator and enjoys how the position holds unique challenges, and opportunities for both professional and personal growth every day. Joanna believes a healthy dose of optimism and humor can empower her on the toughest days. Her favorite quote is, “If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and there is no excuse for that!”- Carrie Fisher

This webinar meets the following HUD Service Coordinator Training Requirements Area(s):

Statutory Area: Strategies for Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations 

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