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Have you been searching for a reputable vendor to service your property? Do you need advice on how to tackle pest problems in your community? Are you looking for quality education for your employees? Then look no further! AFAH is here to help provide you with the quality education, advice and proven vendors for your community!

What We Do


We are a community of public housing associates, vendors and experts who serve the affordable housing industry to provide each other with the latest news, education, conferences, products, vendors and so much more!

We’re here to help make your job easier and more efficient by working together to build a better industry.




Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission with AFAH is to connect professionals who work or serve the affordable housing industry with one another to create a community-like environment that provides its members with the quality advice, vendors, products and education they deserve.

Connecting Users

AFAH is about community. What originated as a private Facebook group has evolved into an organization that looks to improve upon the career and community that each member serves.

Making it Understandable

No one wants to spend hours trying to understand lengthy HUD updates or policies. We do our best to simplify the terminology so you can quickly digest the information and move on with your day.

Changing the Industry

The affordable housing industry offers a variety of organizations but nothing like the mindset of AFAH. We’re a community that is looking out for you! We want to help you better serve your community and its residents by offering you access to the latest news, upcoming educational offerings, connection with experts in the industry and so much more. We strive to build an organization that connects professionals from all career paths in the affordable housing industry. No longer will you feel disconnected from others, you have a place and your voice can be heard.

Offering Professional Level Resources

Memberships to organizations can be expensive! Why spend thousands of dollars joining a group that lacks the resources? AFAH is a free organization that is always providing the latest news, webinars and HUD updates to benefit our members.

What We Offer

Exclusive Member access

Get access to a variety of educational resources, upcoming industry events, quality manufacturers and preferred vendors who serve your community. 

education and training

Find valuable education & training from various organizations in the affordable housing industry all in one central location!

connecting users on all levels

Engage with other public housing professionals, experts and vendors who serve the affordable housing industry on our private Facebook group for quality products, service providers and expert advice.  

Advocacy and Legislation

Looking for the latest HUD updates? We’ve got you covered! We’ll provide you with the newest information as it’s released.

Media Library Access

Get beneficial resources specifically designed to improve your community with your membership

The Latest Industry News

Easily access the latest headlines relating to the affordable housing industry.

The Faces of Behind AFAH

Rob DiJoseph

Executive Director

Danny White

Sales Contributor

Sarah Latyn

Technical Contributor

Crystal Giberson

Director of Content

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