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Who is the Alliance for Affordable Housing?

AFAH is an organization dedicated to housing providers, PHA professionals, vendors and those who served the Affordable Housing market that are looking for information, products, services, and opinions from others in the Affordable Housing industry.

We welcome all who work or serve within the Affordable Housing industry to join our network and encourage you to connect with other professionals via our website and private Facebook group.

What Do We Do?


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What Makes Us Different From the Rest

Industry unique social networking

Unlike other organizations, we invite you to share and connect with other AFAH members exclusively on our private Facebook group. Engage with experts, vendors and other professionals to get answers on questions you have or advice on the right products to use. We’re all here and eager to help our members with any requests they may have.

Professionals from all areas 

AFAH is a unique community by combining all career avenues of the affordable housing industry. Whether you’re a Director or service provider, we work seamlessly together to make our communities better,  so why not interact together to help improve each other in our given positions? 

Latest News and LEgislation

AFAH wants to provide you with the most accurate and relevant news when it comes to the affordable housing industry which is why we will share it with you. Don’t be late to find out the most recent HUD updates, instead, easily access the current news that’s pertinent to you.

access to education

AFAH will keep you up-to-date on all educational offerings relating to the affordable housing industry. Whether it’s an upcoming webinar, conference or a free educational e-book, we will share it with all of our members! 

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